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Repipe Spray
Coating System
- RSM05

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Spray It New!.

Spray It New!

With the Repipe Spray Coating System, you establish a new lining inside an old one pipe. This is a low-cost, efficient, and eco-friendly way of renovating leaky downpipes and waste pipes in high-rise buildings.

The Repipe Spray Coating System is designed for fast, durable refurbishment of leaky downpipes and waste pipes in high-rise buildings.

Instead of your customers having to do without their kitchen, bathroom, and toilet for days at a time, the Repipe Spray Coating System enables you to complete the whole process in about 10 hours.

Leave the Old Pipes.

Leave the Old Pipes

With the Repipe Spray Coating System, you establish a new lining inside an old one pipe by spray coating it with our specially developed non-toxic material. After curing for just four hours, the new pipe will withstand daily use and drain cleaning materials. After four weeks, the pipes will withstand jet cleaning and mechanical cleaning.

The coating closes holes up to 8 mm diameter and cracks of up to 3 mm. The material also prevents new holes and cracks from forming. If the TV inspection reveals bigger holes or cracks, a certified plumber only needs to replace a small section of the pipe or insert a part liner. Joints connecting new and old pipelines are sealed with the Repipe Spray Coating.



  • Suitable when it is possible to place the spray-system close to the spray area.

  • Less consumption of material for cleaning – only pipes on the system and possibly the extension hose needs to be cleaned.

  • Less waste / by-product.

  • The system is ready for operation in a maximum of 10 minutes.
Product sheet RSM05.

Product sheet RSM05

Get our product sheet with details about RSM05.

Product Description

Need help finding the right solution for renovating your pipes?

We are ready to answer your questions. Please send all inquiries concerning orders to our mail or call directly on +45 9651 2150.


The Repipe Spray Coating System - RSM05 consists of a wheeled stainless-steel frame with tanks for coating material and cleaning fluid, a heating belt, a hydraulic pump station and a computer control system (PLC) which continually monitors the correct dosage of the two components in the coating material. The control system also shows air pressure and the amount of material in the tanks.

RSM05 does not have an insulated hose, therefore it is necessary to be able to place the spray system close to the spray site, for example if there is an elevator in the property.

The system also uses a duo hose or an extension hose for the air and coating material.
We recommend using a compressor with built-in refrigerated dryer to supply the system with dry and clean air.

After turning of the water and removing the toilet or kitchen sink, the hose is connected to the system.

Air motor and sprayer head with a centring brush is attached to the hose which is then lowered into the pipe.

The electric retractor is clamped on to the pipe’s mouth, the hose is attached to the retractor and then you are ready to spray-line the pipe.


RSM05 is easy to operate using the joystick on the control system and a 12” in colour touch screen. We always recommend that two persons operate the system together, one for the camera and one for the Spray Coating System.

The electric retractor provides continuously variable speed regulation and ensures that the lining is sprayed on evenly (and in equal amount) through the entire length of the pipe. The system is designed for standard operation in pipes from 35 mm / 1” in. diameter to 150 mm / 6” in. through several 45° and 90° bends in a 50 mm / 2” in. pipe.

From the control system, you select the preferred temperature, amount of coating material and the speed at which the material is to be (pumped and) sprayed out into the pipe. We customise the user interface so that the text on the display is in your own language, and the touchscreen shows live updated information about the current temperature and amount of coating material sprayed through the hose.

With the joystick you control the movement of the electrical retractor inside the pipe, and when you let go the electric retractor will stop immediately.

A 12” colour display is built into the control systems lid and by connecting an external camera, the display provides a clear detailed view of the work area inside the pipe.

The control unit features inlet and outlet sockets for connecting external camera and video recorder.


RSM05 has a built-in automatic cleansing process which optimises the system’s operational reliability and ensures a long service life. The system comes with a toolbox for daily maintenance.

We recommend always using a compressor with built-in refrigerated dryer to supply the spray-lining system with dry air. RSM05 operates at maximum efficiency in clean, dry air and this also prolongs the system’s service life.

Electric Retractor

The Repipe Spray Coating System comes with an electric retractor, which is used to retract the hose with the sprayer head back up through the pipe.

The retractor rewinds the hose at an even speed all the way up through the pipe. The retractor speed can be adjusted from the control system. The Repipe Spray Coating System hydraulic pump provides a completely even flow and supply of coating material.

The result is a splendid, incredibly strong, and evenly smooth spray-lining through the entire pipe, which is much more effective than the traditional manual retraction procedure.

Hot Aair Fan

To ensure a long service life of the new pipe, it is essential that the old pipe is completely dry before you start spraying. The Repipe Spray Coating System comes with our powerful, compact hot air fan for drying out the pipe after it has been cleansed and for curing the lining.

The compact, silent hot air fan comes with a 5-metre hose which is mounted on the air fan’s aluminium box.

The diameter of the spout on the box is dia. 125 mm, and the system comes with adjustment rings for dia. 63 mm, dia. 80 mm and dia. 100 mm. The hot air fan is to be connected to a 230 V supply.

Dual hose (1-15 m)

The dual hose is narrow and flexible and therefore suitable for narrow pipes or several bends.

The dual hose has one hose for air and one for the coating material, the two hoses are surrounded by a shell.

The dual hose is connected to the manifold connector on either the mixer manifold (RSM04) or the system (RSM05).

Extension hose (15-35 m)

The extension hose is an alternative to the dual hose. It is suitable for larger, straight pipes.

With an extension hose, it is possible to spray a pipe that is longer than 15 meters and the hose can be cleaned and reused for the next spray job.

The expansion hose is mounted on the manifold connector on either the mixer manifold (RSM04) or the system (RSM05).

Spare parts and accessories for
Repipe Spray Coating System