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Sewer Pros

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Sewer Pros.

Sewer Pros

Sewer Pros by A & J Plumbing is an L.A. city approved sewer contractor specializing in “no-dig”, trenchless pipe repairs such as pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Sewer Pros have successfully repaired over 1 million linear feet of pipe in Southern California between Rancho Palos Verdes and Santa Monica.

They work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients to make sanitary drainage repairs without the mess and expense involved with conventional pipe replacement.

With the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done
- it's NO BIG DEAL. That's how we do it!

Armando Fernandez, CEO of Sewer Pros

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Sewer Pros

Sewer Pros - Sewer Spray Lining with Repipe Lining Systems in Southern California

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